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“Always on” Broadband DSL Access

DhakaTel DSL provides reliable, efficient connections for continuous point-to-point service for business communications. DSL delivers broadband applications over ordinary copper local loops and is scalable to support network expansion. It can be used for 32Kb to 1Mb and above transmission for access to high-speed service and networks.

DhakaTel’s suite of DSL offerings let you select the service that best fits your network applications:

  • Business DSL
    DhakaTel Business DSL is a single or integrated business DSL access solution to data service. This service offers class-of-service options and symmetric speeds ranging from 64Kb up to 1.5Mb. This service provides business-grade DSL for remote corporate locations, branch offices.

Benefits to Your Business

DhakaTel DSL can help your business realize the following benefits:

  • Network Reliability DhakaTel connected through own VSAT with USA backbone. So you can easily reach anywhere in the world within less latency.

  • Flexibility - DhakaTel supports a broad range of network transport and application options, with Quality of Service Guarantees (QoS) on our network.

  • Full Product Portfolio - Select the SDSL service options to best fit your requirements, such as SDSL line speed, class of service, single or multi-user, and single or integrated service with multiple Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs).

  • Range of Applications - DhakaTel SDSL meets a broad range of business and application requirements. It offers remote workers and small to medium-size businesses a high-speed access alternative to traditional leased lines. Large corporations can use SDSL to extend broadband access to corporate LAN resources for remote sites.  

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