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“Reliable Wireless Link for high speed internet Access"

We provide reliable, dedicated and high speed Internet bandwidth connections via wireless link starting at 64Kbps and upwards.  This system requires a radio/wireless modem erected on a tower (if needed depending on availability of clear line of sight) at corporate clients’ premises.

  • Network Reliability DhakaTel connected through own VSAT with USA backbone. So you can easily reach anywhere in the world within less latency.

  • Flexibility - DhakaTel supports a broad range of network transport and application options, with Quality of Service Guarantees (QoS) on our network.

  • Full Product Portfolio - Select the Wireless service options to best fit your requirements, such as Wireless link speed, class of service, single or multi-user, and single or integrated service with multiple Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs).

  • Range of Applications - DhakaTel Radio Link meets a broad range of business and application requirements. It offers remote workers and small to medium-size businesses a high-speed access alternative to traditional leased lines. Large corporations can use Wireless to extend broadband access to corporate LAN resources for remote sites.  

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For more information on DhakaTel products and services, please contact us  or call us at DhakaTel  (88) 02-8057038.